Trotro Blues

If there’s one thing I didn’t count on when I was entering the world of work, it’s probably how much time I was going to have to spend in public transport, especially trotros on my way to and from work.

Have you ever sat in a trotro that has only 2 functioning windows? Who am I kidding; I’ve probably just described almost every 207 trotro that plies our road these days. Woe betide you if you somehow find yourself seated next to that girl who has conveniently forgotten her weave has been sitting atop her head for over two months and needs to come off. I believe I don’t need to continue. You catch my drift abi?

And it’s not just the windows too. With these two eyes, I have seen a trotro with a gaping round hole between the two middle rows, right where passengers are supposed to put their feet. Oh well, I suppose the driver thought with only two functioning windows, the passengers will need a bit of a breeze around their legs to cool them down, what do I know?

There was this one time too I rushed into a trotro, heaving a sigh of relief to be finally out of the rain because I didn’t have an umbrella that day only to  realize the roof of the trotro was leaking -_-. What made the whole thing even more ridiculous was the mate did not understand why passengers wouldn’t just sit on the soaked seats and kept stopping to try and load more passengers. He was very cross when the passengers on board wouldn’t budge for the new passengers to sit but like the Akans say “Give it to me and I don’t have, who’s stronger?” so he just had to stop, accept his lot and stop trying to load the passengers.

Then there’s the livestock. I kid you not. It’s bad enough to be sharing your seat with all manner and size of roaches like I had to sometime back. Or even a real live chicken, clucking and turning away the whole journey, leaving you with your heart in your mouth throughout, especially when you find out your stop is before the chicken owner’s. For this one girl though the last straw was when she had to share her seat with a goat of all things. Suffice to say she has never taken trotro again.

Did I mention the girl with the smelly weave already? Oh wait, seems I did. Okay, what is it with the mates who seem to only take a bath once a leap year? For some reason they don’t realize that their BO status has moved from a slightly funky to poisonous gas levels and if you are unfortunate enough to share the same seat you’ll probably reach your  destination feeling slightly  nauseous and disoriented with a side of migraine. It’s like for the love of God keep your arms down!!

Then there’s the sticky bodies of the other passengers, the guy in the suit who coughs so hard you’re wondering if you shouldn’t head straight to the hospital to check your T.B status when your ride, however long/short is over, the drama never ends!

Oh and is it just me or these trotros seem to break down at the most inconvenient times and at the most inconvenient of places? Like on the day when you leave home with barely enough time to get to work on time or just in time for that cute boy in your area to spot you standing by the side while the other passengers are in the process of ‘wonsi mpia’ . Now If you’re anything like me you probably move as far away as possible with immediate alacrity, hoping to quickly remove any trace of an association with the situation behind you. Unfortunately the other passengers hardly ever get the message and they will! just to tell you to go back for your money from the mate. At this point I usually find myself wishing that the ground will just open up and swallow me but if wishes were horses and all that right?

Anyways have you ever had a trotro experience that left you cringing or wishing you could buy a car the very next day, or maybe was just plain hilarious? Leave a comment 🙂