Thinking Out Loud

Thought I’d try something new ūüėÄ I hope you like it


When your legs don’t work like they used to before………

and I can’t sweep you off of your feet………

Ed Sheeran’s voice filling the room had the girl look up in time to see the old couple move slowly-¬†in what they probably thought was a waltz but was more a shuffle and stumble- and it made her smile.

From her perch on the roof of the restaurant, Anna could hear the girl’s heart hammering away. She talked a good game, but Anna could tell the thought of the blind date had her running scared. Doing a quick scan, she found the prospective Romeo’s location and cleared his path, thinking she had best get him there before the girl’s cold feet got the better of her. She nudged his junk of a car along faster than it had ever gone in the 5 years the boy had owned it, making sure to keep the speed on the speedometer the same. In record time, he had arrived and was parking. Thanking his stars for the amazing lack of traffic, he hopped out of the car and run towards his date…

In that moment Anna’s¬†first arrow found its target and where a dork run before, a suave gentleman run in his place. The second arrow found its target as he was sitting…so the girl saw someone she could fall for rather than the dork that would have turned her off a mere 5 minutes before.

So that each time he made her laugh, she could imagine loving him till they were 70¬†and all he could think about was how that laugh¬†was going to last forever in his mind.¬†And when at the end of the night, he asked for a walk……….all she could think of was the light of the 1000 stars waiting on their first kiss.

Maybe it was the arrows that had them falling or perhaps the old couple’s shuffle¬†made 70 easy to imagine¬†or maybe it was¬†Ed’s voice singing quietly in the background……….

people fall in love in mysterious ways

Maybe it’s all part of a plan………..

Whatever it was, as Anna flew to the train station to complete her¬†next assignment, she thanked Ed wherever he was for making a girl’s job easier every time.

P.S. I Love You - cupid


If you haven’t guessed, this was inspired by Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’ and the parts in Italics are actually from that song. In my defense this was written after midnight and that’s when my mushy side tends to appear ūüėÄ