So! I know I promised 3 posts this month (yes yes stop nodding so much, calm down) and it looks like December is almost over and yet nada. Worry not though, I promise that I am working on that sequel I have spoken about in my last few posts and hopefully, you should be reading it soon. In the meantime, this whole #timeNoDey thing that was happening on twitter reminded me of something that happened to me earlier this year and I thought I should share. Trust me I didn’t always find it hilarious but in retrospect and in view of kpakpakpa and #TimeNoDey I kind of see it in a new light.

It was a bright and sunny no rainy. It was a Thursday!  I remember that much! Anyway I had just got to the gate at work, windows rolled down, wind in my hair, music blaring loud, feeling all bosschick. I turned off my engine to let myself in when my car decided to show me who was boss. The car wouldn’t start and because the windows were electronic i couldnt roll them up either. By this point all nonsense thoughts of bosschickness had left me and all I could think about was how I was going to get the car into the compound and roll the windows up.

Then this saloon car drove by and stopped a little ahead. I was delighted,  knight in shining armour! In spite of the fact that I would ordinarily never walk over when a guy calls me over to his car, you should have seen the alacrity with which i sped over and the smiles decorating my face. Imagine my shock when I got to the car and rather than get out of his car this guy said to me:
“I saw you buying something at the shop down the road but I couldn’t talk to you cos I was in a hurry”
*insert whatsapp shocked smiley*
Clearly my knight had not noticed my distress, perhaps if I were to explain the situation…so I tried…telling him
“Look my car is messed up, I need to sort it out”
Surely, this is where my knight turns superman, zooms to my rescue but noo I nearly dropped dead with shock when the next thing he said was:
“Yeah give me the number then you can go sort it out”
😶 😶 😶
So cold!

Here I was thinking the calvary had arrived, when clearly in this guy’s mind -waaay before I got the memo off of twitter- he had decided that time really no dey to be a gentleman. Needless to say he didn’t get the number 😆😆. I did get some gentlemen who helped me move it in though.

But yeah, apparently #timeNoDey….and it makes me really wonder, is chivalry on it’s way out?

Ps: one last post before the year ends right? Fingers crossed, it just might happen.


of moms and boyfriends

Of mums and boyfriends….and why single girls over 21 should join the kpa kpa kpa movement.


Rather than write the paper which is due in 2 days that I’m nowhere near through with, I decided to write this post which I promised on twitter on the 29th of November. Why? Well inspiration for me to write is often hard to come by although when I do I enjoy it tremendously. I often find myself writing elaborate stories in my head and never actually putting them down on paper.

Anyways, in this coming month – being my birth month and all- (yes, I turn 21 again!) I will be putting out more than my usual 1 post every 3 or so months. Which means I will post no less than 3 posts this month. I know people tend to do the whole 1 post a day thing and I would have loved to. However, I know myself, and I know how laziness aka writer’s block can catch me for long stretches of time. Which is why in order not set you (my lovely readers) up for disappointment I am making the modest estimate of 3. If it is more, glory hallelujah. If not, well I only promised 3… 😀

On to today’s post!

Before I go into all of that though, I just thought I should mention this. Just so you know, there is no grand sale of guys where I can just look through a great selection of boys at a discount and pick the one I fancy, with the option of returning him to the store within 30 days if I find he’s not to my satisfaction. Believe me I would know. So to all my loving friends out there, there’s no one. I’ll tell you when there is.

You know how they tell you when you are growing up all the pressure that comes with growing up? Well they weren’t lying. In the past few months, conversations with my friends back home have been nothing short of hilarious with all the mounting pressure for them to ‘produce’ a boyfriend. Not like they have a gun to their head……yet…but I believe it’s getting there.

Thankfully I have the greatest-mum-ever™ who will never give me pressure be it direct or indirect (yes this is a directed message to my mum who’s going to read this at some point) but some of my friends have already started to feel the heat.

Imagine my friend’s surprise when she told her mum she was going for a wedding and her mum’s response was “you’re always going for weddings when will you do yours?” You see what had happened was…she doesn’t even have a boyfriend!! Oh and best part is the question was NOT rhetorical, she had to give an estimate.

Another friend got sent the picture of a huge cooker. When she ventured to mention how huge the cooker was, the straight faced reply was “yes, big enough to cook for my in-laws and grandchildren”. In-laws and grandchildren who are merely theoretical at this point because my friend really does not have a boyfriend at this point.

Did I mention that there are boxes full of magic mugs in my garage? Imported by my mom (who I love with all my heart)? And did I also mention that the mugs are apparently for my engagement and my sisters’ engagements regardless of the fact that none of us at this point have a boyfriend (unless my sisters do and I don’t know)? Let’s just say my mum could probably host an engagement party for any of us tomorrow if we told her about it tonight.

Also, a friend of mine recently came into possession of a book titled “How to prepare for the wedding”, kindly gifted to her by her mother. I would think step 1 would be to find the groom and then buy the book but what do I know?

These are merely a handful of the things that are going on behind the scenes in the homes of those single girls that have turned 21 a few too many times. Weirdly though, the pressure doesn’t only come from the mums. If I were prone to feeling pressured, all the times my friends have asked me if I’ve found someone yet in the two short months I’ve been here would surely have done me in by now.

In closing, I would like to leave you with this totally random but hilarious conversation.




A.T.N.A = All Talk No Action

PS: Apart from the magic mugs scenario, one other is mine but I won’t say which. Take a shot at guessing why don’t you? Oh and if I’ve told you this story before you’re out of the race please, no telling!

Have a great month everyone!