Customer : King


Have you ever had an encounter with a company representative and thought along the lines of ‘how rude’ or ‘i’m never dealing with this company again’?
It’s sad to see how many companies in Ghana have such employees. It’s like they were never given any sort of training or have never heard the saying the customer is always right.

I remember some 2/3 years ago when because of a mistake I made while filling out the cash deposit form to pay my fees at the bank the teller had the nerve to question my claim that I was in the University. As if that was not enough, when I asked that she give me back my money so I go elsewhere, she glared at me and slammed the money in front of me without a care as to the effect her attitude would have on my view of the organization.

This is just one of many such incidents. I could talk about the people at the registry who act like it is such a bother when you come and for instance request for your transcript or even make an enquiry.

I could also talk about taxi/trotro drivers and mates who get abusive when a passenger gives them a note that is large or urges them to drive carefully.
Or even company receptionists who do not have a clue about simple courtesy and unless you arrive in some expensive suit or are holding the keys to an expensive car will treat you like dirt.

A friend told me just today about a sales person in a wholesale shop she and her family like to frequent who is so rude she has stopped buying from the shop/will only buy when when he’s not there. When is it ever okay to drive customers away?

Like I said the examples are many.  All the above mentioned people have one thing in common. They forget why they are where they are. The teller forgets that if there were no clients withdrawing/depositing money, the bank wouldn’t need her services. The taxi driver forgets that without the passengers, he wouldn’t have a livelihood. The sales person forgets that if people don’t buy, soon the shop can no longer operate. The people at the registry forget that they were hired to assist the students.

A friend once told a customer service person ‘you have no business behind this desk if you don’t know how to treat clients’ and she was right! So to all those business people/ employees who handle clients all I’m saying is never forget the CUSTOMER IS KING.