‘Tis a very funny thing death is. I know it’s my first post and I should probably write something cheery and light but can you blame me? Only a week ago our president died and today the whole country is red and black. I can remember exactly where I was when I heard the news of his death, barely an hour after he died and the expressions of unbelief on all the faces around me. We were in the middle of a photo-shoot (and no I’m not a model) but immediately all activity ceased. The female model forgot how hard the pose we wanted her to do was, and the guys couldn’t tear themselves away from the radio. There was nothing like NPP/NDC, the sadness was everywhere. Rather than go back to the shoot, we were now more interested in what his death would mean for the country. This is after all an unprecedented event. We finished our shoot eventually and everyone went their separate ways but our day had taken an unexpected turn.

A week later and I can see more billboards and pictures and videos of him than I ever saw in all his 3.5 years of being president. Everyone remembers him for something, and anyone with an opinion to the contrary is told to shut up. Others wonder why all the nice things that everyone is saying couldn’t have been said while he had breath. Thing is, that’s what is so funny about death. You go to bed after having a fight with someone and the next morning you find out they died. it’s not like while you were fighting you did not think there was anything nice about them, it’s more that at that point, your issue with them seemed more important than whatever was nice about them.

So yes, death is funny. Not funny because it makes you want to laugh, but funny because it renders all other things irrelevant. It’s like a message to you, telling you that your life is not in your hands. Death is funny because all the memories you have of the person are there but the person is no longer there to share them with you.